Tox Network Statistics

A visualization of the Tox network, updated roughly every 5 minutes. See the about page for more information.
Tox Network Statistics - About


The Tox
DHTDistributed Hash Table
network is a highly scalable and censorship-resistant distributed peer-to-peer network, the purpose of which is to replace the functionality of centralized servers and trusted authorities. All
UDP-enabledMost clients enable UDP by default, with an exception for mobile clients
Tox clients—referred to as nodes—are a part of this network.

The statistics displayed on this website represent a low-end approximation of unique nodes within the network.

This website was created by Jfreegman. Statistics are generated using publicly available network data obtained via toxcrawler. If you find these statistics or any of my other Tox-related projects useful, please consider a small donation.

Learn more about Tox at its official website.